Realistic Fish Lure

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Want to improve your fishing lures? We got you covered! You need this amazing and realistic Fish Lure! A fishing lure is a type of artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract a fish's attention. The lure uses movement, vibration, flash, and color to bait fish. Many lures are equipped with one or more hooks that are used to catch fish when they strike the lure. This fish lure has 3D realistic looking eyes and body, it looks just like a fish. Durable ABS construction makes it rigged with sharp treble hooks which makes it a powerful catching tool.After throwing, no matter you take it back slowly or quickly, it can show the ideal fluttering stroke. This fishing lure is a good ideal for Catching Saltwater & Freshwater Species. Widely Applicable Widely targeting at predator fishes such as panfish, crappie, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, and other various fishes. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing, wonderful lures for anglers.     HOW IT WORKS: ABS material outside which is avirulent and odorless, environmentally friendly. Metal material inside which has a great effect of gravity. Suitable for various aquariums. It creates life-like swimming actions in water and attracts a predator to bite. Colorful lures to entice big strikes. 3D eyes keep it look as realistic as natural live baits. Meet all your expectation for a different color, size and catching different fishes It Just Works Great.