Glow In The Dark Wall Stickers

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Are you bored with tired unexciting walls? These Glow in the Dark Dots Stickers will make your night! Kids love anything to do with astronomy and stargazing so why not let them do their stargazing in the safety of their own room?After a long day of exciting play and full-on energy, kids really need to relax in order to get a good night’s sleep. Make bedtime fun and relaxing.Kids naturally wake up during the night and seeing the soft glow of their favorite creatures immediately calms any discomfort or stress that they may feel from waking up in the dark.Sleep should be a haven and with a little help from these super quality vinyl stickers, you will find that both your child and you will have a much more relaxing sleep and that getting up in the morning will be so much easier. FEELS LIKE BEING UNDER THE STARS With this glow in the dark galaxy set, it adds the look of a real night sky. No more plastic synthetic look. In the morning it's the white clean look, the dots merge with the wall, and in the dark, the room becomes to the starry shiny bedroom. EASY TO APPLY Stays on the wall or ceiling without falling off until it needs to be removed. LONG LENGTH OF GLOW Just place on any clean, flat surface, turn on the light for 5 minutes than darken the room and enjoy a nighttime view. PERFECT FOR A ROMANTIC ROOM OR BIRTHDAY VALENTINES DAY GIFT Twinkle twinkle little star, this luminous space decoration set makes a special gift for boys or girls as it comes wrapped in a lovely package.