Anti-Drowning Bracelet

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Want to protect your children from dangerous situations while swimming? This Anti-Drowning Bracelet is the best choice! Drowning is the second-most common cause of accidental death in children ages 6 to 14 (just behind motor vehicle accidents.) In a 2004 study by a national safety group, 90 percent of children who drowned did so while under the care of an adult or teenager. In many cases, the study suggests, that person had a momentary lapse of attention.High buoyancy design, wearable, portable, lightweight Wristband with inflatable gasbag gives you a sense of security and different experience overwater sport. With Inflatable Airbag made with TPU and Nylon. Small, compact and easier to work in the water Once floating, the bright orange color of airbags definitely attracts people's attention from everywhere.The connection between the inflatable airbag and the main body is Pure copper material outlet interface.The material is skin-friendly TPU soft silicone, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The buckle is made of plated metal and is not rusty.Importing TPU silicone wrist strap: Not only adults but also children can wear this wrist strip comfortable.   HOW TO USE: Open the box and take out the bracelet. And then rotate the cylinder to the bracelet, making sure it's tight into the body. Put the bracelet on your left or right wrist, tighten the bracelet buckle. When you meet the emergent situation, turn on the controller, the air will automatically be filled with the bag, you will be pulled on the water. After using it, dry the airbag and keep it well.